What we do

We believe networks must be harnessed through partnership that will realize change, empowerment and sustainable development. This methodology is peculiar in light of the fact that it looks to achieve improvement through a transaction of municipal value; by unifying education, enterprise and advancement to make enduring social change. We work in the progamme zone of health, education, agribusiness, social enterprise and capacity strengthening, to make sound and empowered, networks utilizing the SEED SCALE approach to create;

  • Community Resource and Learning Centers to increase access to knowledge and information; a necessary bedrock for development.
  • Supportive mechanism for individuals, corporate bodies and philanthropists to develop and manage community-based programs.
  • Community coordination platform, by working with them through empowerment programs in converting their inherent potentialities into products of change.
  • Community participation scheme that synergies by designing and implementing programs that improve the economic self-sufficiency of low income women and youths.