Generosity Program

68% and 84.5 % of the Nigerian population live below $1.25 per day and $2 per day, low income women in peri urban slums and rural areas fall majorly into this percentage due to low opportunities and socio-economic problems.


A generosity intervention that brings poor women and their families living in the slum out of poverty within 2 years. their own business at an early age, also employing youths like themselves, thereby improving their livelihood and others.


Improvement in the standard of living of poor women living in the slums, establishing their own sustainable enterprise and/or changing their location for better opportunities.


The poor women are given daily basic needs to cover feeding, and education expenses. The costs for these and more are saved in a micro-savings account to start up their chosen enterprise: women cooperatives are arranged to foster getting of grant loans for their business and monitoring.


A wealth ranking survey is used to select low income women who fall into the problem range.


Generosity boxes are placed in schools and other organizations to gather basic needs.


The women are given the basic needs catering to food, clothing and educational materials at low cost.


More income and savings culture; improving their standard of livelihood, living above $2 daily.


Less rural to urban migration and reduction in the poor living in the slums.


Sanitation conditions of the slums improve through education and improved income. Urban overcrowding and small spaces reduced significantly.


#75,000 provides a generosity box placed in schools and organizations to gather basic items and offer support.

We strive to ensure that 10% is used on administrative costs and 90% for our programs.