Centre for Community Empowerment and Sustainable Development

Centre for Community Empowerment and Sustainable Development (CESDEV) is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization, with strategic focus on harnessing existing local resources in fostering sustainable partnerships for economic and social development, and the goal of increasing access to education, enterprise development and support services that will promote  low-income women and young people economic self- sufficiency. The organization approaches its program thrust through its system of networks; trusting in the combined energies of people in creating sustainable and desirable social change


A world where women and young people, have access to resources and opportunities to actively participate in creating an economically stable, and self sufficient future for themselves and their families.


We locate local specific resource, create supportive environment, design and implement programmes that improve women and young people economic self sufficiency.


We establish Community Resource and Learning Centers with a bid to increasing access to Lifelong learning, knowledge and information; a necessary bedrock for development

We partner with Individuals, Corporate bodies, and Philanthropists to develop, manage and implement community based programs in education, environment, enterprise development, water & hygiene, Health & Nutrition, community empowerment.

We help organize women and young people through capacity building, enterprise development and engagement programs in converting their inherent potentialities, towards creating economically stable and self sufficient future for themselves and their families

We foster community participation by creating synergies and network for individual communities; enriching content and driving potential through diversity


In the centre of our mission are PEOPLE -the energy we seek to harness; with passion we pursue the PURPOSE of transforming communities; through PARTNERSHIP, we leverage the shared commitment to a sustainable future.


 as sacred and promote equity and mutual respect of all people.


We value the opportunity to enrich, empower, and engage our community by strengthening positive and effective collaboration.


is the foundation of our purpose for existence; hence we uphold integrity as a value in all our dealings.


is a product of knowledge and the leverage we require in building lasting partnership; hence we nurture trust in our relationships.


We are accountable to the people we serve, the donors that entrust us with their donations, organisations that partner with us and the community we seek lasting partnership with.


We are ingenious and look inwards to sourcing the specific solutions for meeting community challenges.